Beginner Safe Red Roan Draft X Gelding

ID# 003269

Fort Collins , CO 80524
United States

Horse Name
May Trade
Draft & Draft Crosses
Year Foaled
16.1 Hands
1,200 Pounds
Red Roan
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I don’t even know where to start with this flawless-special gelding, but I’ll try to cover some of what I need to in this short description. For all additional questions, please get in touch with me! I could talk about him all day!
Strawberry, aka berry, is a 16.1hh red roan tobiano gelding. He is tall and stocky with a size three shoe. Berry is a big-boned draft cross with the build and bone to hold up for years to come. Great feet and can go barefoot or shod. He is old enough to have the necessary miles behind him to be solid but is at the right age to have many more years and miles left in him.

He’s such a gentleman to have around in EVERY aspect on the ground. Easy to catch (first to the gate in a pasture and turns to you to be seen in a stall), easy to load, trailer, pick up his feet, bridle, saddle, etc.
He respects you when you are leading him, whether it be a small child or an adult, and stops when you stop and walks when you walk.
Ties extremely quietly, with no pawing or moving. He cocks a leg and falls asleep usually when tied.

He has been hauled extensively and shown in 4H events with great success. He will be sent to his new home with the Championship 4H halter he won.
He is great at new places and isn’t buddy or barn sour. He gets along with other horses well too!

When I say NOTHING phases this gelding, I mean it. I haven’t seen this horse lose his composure once over anything. He even came face to face with a snake on the trail and didn’t even care in the slightest (refer to videos).
We have put him through our entire desensitization program in hopes of finding something he needs to work on… he passed the first try. Not one reaction. All videos are the FIRST time seeing the props at our place. They are not everyday things horses are used to seeing and are prepared, so once the horses leave our program, they are set up to be solid for their new family. We have reintroduced all props multiple times, and he could care less. He is as bombproof as they come. I have had children of all ages on him (even hauled away from home), and he has taken care of them in every way possible and filled in where they were lacking.

He is soft in the face, rides around collected, and stops on the word whoa. Neck reins are great in a bit, or you can use a halter if you don’t feel like bridling him that day. You can even hop on him bridleless/ bareback, and he will take care of you or whoever is on his back.
He is the same horse with ten months off or two days. He is safe and will take care of you and your children no matter how much time he’s had off.
He has more whoa than go but has to get up and go if asked. He’s not a forward horse, and he prefers to be ridden on a loose rein. Will only go as fast or slow as you ask, making beginners feel safe and secure.

He has ao had the dummy roped off of him and did awesomely! I have not roped live cattle off him, but we did lead a goat behind him, and he could care less.

And if that wasn’t all. He SMILES on command (seen in videos) Such a cute trick to have on hand, and the kids love it.

This gelding can do it all for everyone in your whole family and look great doing it.

Please come ride and see him and see how special he is! You will fall in love when you meet him.

Payment is expected next business day following the end of the auction. Delivery is available as well!
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