Ranch Horse Deluxe - Been There Done That - Halflinger Cross

ID# 003159

Scooba Steve
First Water Ranch Horses & Mohair
PO Box 64
Medicine Bow, WY 82329
United States

Horse Name
Scooba Steve
May Trade
Year Foaled
13.3 Hands
900 Pounds
"Scooba Steve" is the definition of ranchy. This guy is cooler than the backside of your pillow. He is at around 6 years old, 13.3-14 hh and approx 900 lbs. He's got a long and thick flaxen mane and tail to turn heads, solid and correct feet (size 0 shoe) to take on any country, and a confirmation that every cowboy is looking for. He's got a draft horse look in a smaller package. We get compliments on him everywhere we go. He has his entire life ahead of him.

We are using him consistently here at the ranch to do all aspects of our day to day life : rope and doctor yearlings, gather, load trucks, drag calves, all of it.

He is cowboy broke and has a basic neck rein and a stop. He's gentle and easy to get around with. He's not one to watch butterflies on a gather, he knows his job, watches cattle, and covers country. He is the point and go type that never misses a beat.

We were told Steve's primary job in his past life was to pack around kids. We don't have kids to toss on him, so while he has been with us he never has. We believe he would be great for a 7-12 year old kid riding his own circle, or even good enough for a younger kid tagging along with Dad every day. NOT a a deadhead beginners horse, he does have buttons, but he gentle and not going to hurt anybody.

He's big enough to pack around Colten's butt on the big gathers, but small enough to be your half day horse. Steve has tore up all sorts of country. He has been hauled up and down the road. He's a big ranch horse, with a bigger personality - just condensed.

Stands tied all day, good for the farrier, good for the vet, hauls well, backs out of the trailer. Cowboy manners included. The one and only reason we are selling is that we need to make room this winter for colts coming in to get started. It's going to be hard to see him go.

We have many photos and videos on our website.. He's a cool guy, and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
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