Registered Kentucky Mountain Horses - Trails, Gaited, Creeks, Roads, Round Pen, Open field

ID# 003580

Doc's Whiskey River
Little Rock, AR 72210
United States

Horse Name
Doc's Whiskey River
May Trade
Year Foaled
14.2 Hands
Whiskey is a Chocolate/Flaxen registered Kentucky Mountain horse born 8/27/2014 with a star, disconnected strip, and snip. He has champion bloodlines. He is a gelding that is 14.2 h. He stands for the farrier, loads, unloads, crosses creeks, climbs mountains, goes where you ask him, does great on the trail, he doesn’t mind horses in front of him or behind him. Doesn’t kick other horses or bite other horses. He is low on the pecking order. He needs a job and an experienced rider. He gets lazy in the pasture if he sits. He works great in the round pen, is used to farm sounds, and will ride behind the mule or tractor. He has more go than whoa. He will ride on the road, trail, or round pen, or open field. In the summer, he dapples out and is gorgeous. He is the naturally gaited and the smoothest gaited horse I have ever ridden, and his lope is smooth as well. He is up to date on shots, coggins, and wormer. He gets shoes every six weeks; he had his teeth floated in May of this year. He has been ridden all over the Ozark Mountains and on several deer leases. He loves to be brushed and pampered, and he will stand to be bathed and for vet checks. He knows voice commands and comes to meet you at the gate. He loves treats and loves to be loved by everyone. He would make an excellent endurance horse; he can go for hours and never get tired. He has been desensitized to tarps, bells, trash bags, flags, and ropes.

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