About Us

The entire purpose of this site is to bring buyers and sellers together as easily and painlessly as possible with all the technological tools available today. Don't be scared... just try it.

The performance horse industry, albeit, event specific, does not limit certain bloodlines to each discipline. Even though the bloodlines have become more streamlined for certain abilities, the fact is, a great majority of these horses can crossover into other performance areas. Our reasoning for combining, not limiting, the disciplines offered here, is to give buyers and sellers a broader market for buying and selling. 

We have been in the equine marketing, breeding, showing, and you-name-it business, for over 20 years. Our sales methods are tried and true. That's all well and good, but when I, myself, was looking for my next show horse, it was a frustrating experience. What should have been a slick process to narrow down my options, drove me to the auction ring out of frustration. I have expressly developed this site to make it a hassle-free tool for the trainers and breeders to showcase their horses without the need to upload and pay to multiple web sites.
Please drop us an e-mail if you have suggestions for us to facilitate buyer or seller! We are here for you first, and I think that is the way this industry of horse sales will be better connected.